WwW servers status: OK

WwW Moscow & EU update!

Сhanges: Amazing only 240 fps mode list with Freezetag, TOURNEY and DEADZONE 240 fps modes, so now all Q4Max modes available in 240 fps. All new ultimate ARENA mode based on Clan Arena:

  • 240hz enabled
  • 200hp / 200 armor
  • All Weapons
  • 999 Ammo
  • No self damage / no armor decay
  • Fraglimit – 15
  • Available ranked on #💪arena in Discord
  • Good for 1v1 and practice

Fixed Authorization Issues: all players can now authorize on all our servers.

New maps: SPIRAL by LUKIN [map_l4dm5] — final version from cmp pack.

New Maps Development

Discord exclusive:

Created new closed channel #🚧maps

New role @Architect

Who wants to develop, design and build new maps in Quake 4, can volunteer to join

The role is temporary unless you manage to build a decent map

The plan is to make 3 brand new duels maps quality of Monsoon and Placebo Effect, 2-3 TDM Maps, and few maps for other custom modes.

Servers 05.07.2020 Update

By @Wylsa

It’s alive! WwW Q4max EU [HighFPS] is now on the server list and eu.wwwservers.ru hostname. All things you like on WwW Moscow server and more is now here: low ping EU experience, automatic downloads, latest map updates, multiple languages support, ulitmate mode list with optimised maps for absolutely incredible 240 fps.

Q4max server update v1.1

by @Wylsa

Changes in language settings: now you can play on WwW server with english interface. Force it in autoexec.cfg: sys_lang “english” for english or sys_lang “russian” for russian. All previous zpaks will be replaced with new automatically — you need to connect to WwW to download it. Also added other languages: czech; french; italian; polish; spanish. All sys_lang commands is working now.

Changes in map list: added new maps — Aerowalk [Revised] beta, Spiral [beta 2.0] by Lukin, Monsoon by Lukin [beta 1], Galang [1.2 beta] by Lukin, Ruiner [1.1] by Lukin, TMP maps. Updated preview images on Aerowalk [Revised] beta and JumpinJackStrap maps, more previews will be updated later.

Changes to modes: now you can choose between 60, 120, 144 and 240 fps. Time limit can be chosen through voting, so mode list is more clear now.