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WwW updates for March 2022

  • Completely reinstalled all servers, so performance should increase (especially with Northern EU, made it great again :pepecool:)
  • Optimized maps and language packs af, no more useless files
  • WwW United KingdomπŸ‡¬πŸ‡§ (with white letters) brought back
  • Quake4.Net has been moved to an entirely new scalable platform, this preparing the website to a major upgrade in the near future. btw page loading became 5x faster :kappa:
  • Updated server setup guide, so it’s way more correct now, also updated maps that you can download and use for your server, added packs providing cyrillic support in q4max
  • Gaming Rigs is back, added all the stuff you submitted earlier, if you have some updates β€” share it :rpmudrec:
  • And of course, auto download works again! Connect to the server to download new files, try again if it fails.

mb forgot something, but if so, it’s not so important :3PepeNeon89:

Happy New Year to everyone!πŸŽ„

2021 was truly big for Quake 4 and WwW, but there is a few goals for 2022:

  • New Quake4.Net website with absolutely stunning design
  • Improving WwW Cloud network with easier file downloading and 24/7 auto-download support
  • New servers to differentiate locations
  • Server updates to improve stability and speed

Quake 4 servers rebranding!

Now all our servers are united under the Quake4.Net. This allows simple connection commands with the same domain across all the servers, and brings a new beautiful server-name design without old superannuated [HighFPS] tag. big thanks to @stphn and @zilla for supporting this :pekapled:

250FPS Duel Cup β€” June 2021

Glad to announce the 250FPS Duel Cup β€” summer Quake 4 tournament with $100 prize pool! It will be held by Quake4.Net and WwW.

Additional information will be posted at the beginning of June. You will be able to register here through special confirmation form.

Timelimit: 8 min

Map pool:

  • Monsoon 1.1 [by Lukin]
  • Placebo Effect
  • Torment by killat0n

Additional map can be played:

  • Aerowalk Revised [beta]

New site β€” new story!

Today is a big day for whole Quake 4 community β€” Quake4.Net is launched. This is an universal source for Q4 players that contains many of useful info about installation, setting up the game, running servers; latest news about tournaments and server upgrades. You can also submit your gaming rig and settings to largest Q4 players database, just fill out the form at Gaming Rigs tab.

Quake4.Net will grow and be updated with new content! Good luck and have fun πŸ˜‡πŸ˜œ