“bind” — is a console command to bind functions to keys. Here is useful binds and how to use it.

Bind can be applied with:

bind "key" "command"

All keys set in “controls” section in game settings writes binds in your config, so even system keys have binds:

bind "ESCAPE" "togglemenu"
bind "w" "_forward"
bind "a" "_moveleft"
bind "s" "_back"
bind "d" "_moveright"
bind "t" "clientmessagemode"
bind "z" "_ingameStats"

If you need to bind cvar or command with additional settings like commands say “message” or ui_name “nickname”, you should write it with ‘ symbol and without spacing. This allows you to create colored chat messages or change colored nicknames with a binds:

bind "key" "say'^c095hi'"
bind "key" "ui_name'^c999Wylsa'"

You can also bind multiple number of functions to one key, for example to change weapon and crosshair with one left shift button write this (use “weapon” command because an “_impulse” ones doesn’t work with multi-function binds):

bind "LEFTSHIFT" "weapon 8; g_crosshairCustom 9"

Or, to create clean screenshot (without hud and gun), use this script (commands are executed in the order they are written):

bind "key" "set ui_showGun 0; set g_showHud 0; screenshot; set g_showHud 1; set ui_showGun 1"