250FPS Duel Cup — June 2021

Glad to announce the 250FPS Duel Cup — summer Quake 4 tournament with $100 prize pool! It will be held by Quake4.Net and WwW.

Additional information will be posted at the beginning of June. You will be able to register here through special confirmation form.

Timelimit: 8 min

Map pool:

  • Monsoon 1.1 [by Lukin]
  • Placebo Effect
  • Torment by killat0n

Additional map can be played:

  • Aerowalk Revised [beta]

Quake 4 240FPS Duel Cup [September 2020]

Welcome to the first Duel Tournament of Quake 4 Masters League.

Timelimit: 8 mins.

Map Pool: Placebo, Monsoon, Phrantic.

Servers: all matches are played on the WwW servers. 240hz Q4Max Competetion Mod. Server selection is based on fair ping.

WwW Moscow — connect msk.wwwq4.ru

WwW Europe — connect eu.wwwq4.ru

Server located in Kyiv is now available especially for the tournament — connect ua.wwwq4.ru

Date: September 12 | 5pm (Moscow time)