WwW updates for March 2022

  • Completely reinstalled all servers, so performance should increase (especially with Northern EU, made it great again :pepecool:)
  • Optimized maps and language packs af, no more useless files
  • WwW United KingdomπŸ‡¬πŸ‡§ (with white letters) brought back
  • Quake4.Net has been moved to an entirely new scalable platform, this preparing the website to a major upgrade in the near future. btw page loading became 5x faster :kappa:
  • Updated server setup guide, so it’s way more correct now, also updated maps that you can download and use for your server, added packs providing cyrillic support in q4max
  • Gaming Rigs is back, added all the stuff you submitted earlier, if you have some updates β€” share it :rpmudrec:
  • And of course, auto download works again! Connect to the server to download new files, try again if it fails.

mb forgot something, but if so, it’s not so important :3PepeNeon89:


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