Q4max server update v1.1

by @Wylsa

Changes in language settings: now you can play on WwW server with english interface. Force it in autoexec.cfg: sys_lang “english” for english or sys_lang “russian” for russian. All previous zpaks will be replaced with new automatically — you need to connect to WwW to download it. Also added other languages: czech; french; italian; polish; spanish. All sys_lang commands is working now.

Changes in map list: added new maps — Aerowalk [Revised] beta, Spiral [beta 2.0] by Lukin, Monsoon by Lukin [beta 1], Galang [1.2 beta] by Lukin, Ruiner [1.1] by Lukin, TMP maps. Updated preview images on Aerowalk [Revised] beta and JumpinJackStrap maps, more previews will be updated later.

Changes to modes: now you can choose between 60, 120, 144 and 240 fps. Time limit can be chosen through voting, so mode list is more clear now.


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