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Now all our servers share same branding WwW.

We own those three brands.

  • WwW = Servers
  • God Realm = Discord community and rankings
  • Quake4.Net = Website

Tip. Add our servers to favorites, so you can avoid seeing mcdonalds crap in the server list.

New US servers

Our @North America πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ community grows and we have launched second US server hosted by @zilla , and located in Central US. DNS redirection will come a bit later. You can now add to both NA servers by +na or +us, to add to specific server use +east or +central +use or +usc.

VF Serious The Best Aimer in The World

Sanchez has made a video revealing some obnoxious faking / statpadding of accuracy by selfproclaimed best player (spoiler he is far from it)

Myztro Serious R.I.P. It’s been known by many and for a while that VF Serious is a manchild who fakes and inflates his game stats in Quake Champions and Diabotical and wanks on %%. However, I don’t think many understood how much he does it and how big of an impact it is. If you are a follower or a subscriber to a serious, congratulations, you have been scammed.