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Here you find the most important and exclusive information about Quake 4: all tricks, maps, tutorials, configs and other.

About the Game

  • Quake 4 with Q4max is the best quake game in existence.
  • Ultra smooth gameplay with 240hz server tickrate, 360hz in the future.
  • Ultra-fast crouch sliding movement without any corners and camping on map.
  • Small fast dynamic maps (Monsoon by Lukin arguably best map ever made in all quake). Great maps like Phrantic, Placebo, Spiral.
  • Surround 3D Sound, with occlusion and EAX 5.0 HD advanced.
  • Game modes: Duel, TDM, CTF, FFA, Clan Arena, Tourney, etc. Also available instagib modes.
  • Server list, lobbies, votes, custom game modes.
  • You can make the map yourself.
  • Best hitbox out of any quake, its small, fast, and fair cylinder.
  • Best movement speed and ground acceleration speed.
  • Best weapon balance – ultra-powerful LG with 175 DPS vs 125 DPS in qlive/qc, Strong rail and Mighty Rockets, Plasma is also an awesome weapon Quake 4 has the highest skill cap and skill ceiling out of any other quake game. Quake 4 noobs go to other games and get banned/yelled at as cheaters, because they were trained in a much faster and harder game.

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